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Unafraid: Life on a Ladder and a Prayer

  The whole basis of our faith is in one often overlooked Book of the Bible. Claim the great blessings and live with new courage in this message from Karon.

Waiting Purposefully - When Patience Doesn't Work!

  We don't have to live with our impatience anymore - we can wait with great purpose that doesn't feel like stillness at all when we learn the great lessons of waiting purposefully.

The 2-Rule-Girl Wardrobe {or "Where are my pants!?"}

  We need only one outfit - it never gets dirty, too tight or out of style.

"Yes, I'll do my B.E.S.T."   Here's how . . . 

  Doing our B.E.S.T. every day isn't that hard. Jesus showed us how, and now we're generously prepared. The steps are simple and simply perfect. 

Living the Christmas Story All Year Long

  Join Karon on a journey through the Christmas story and see how to allow the Joy of Jesus in your World every day.

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3 by 3

 3 habits, 3 times a day - Gratitude (thanking God), Prayer (seeking God), Action (reflecting God):  start any time, any place, any way you can. It all counts for good.