"I'm a 2-Rule-Girl! Loving God, Loving Others"  

    available now . . .hope you enjoy this little excerpt: 

“It’s simple-ing time,” He said.
I wiggle closer to the sound in my heart, the sound of God working again to teach me, lead me. Shhh….just ...breathe . . .
“I’m listening, Lord . . . but is that a word?”
“It is now – had to make it just for you.” His sound is soft and smiling so I know it’s ok. “I know how you want to do things right, but you do have a history of bumping up against anything more complicated than an ice tray.”
“It’s just that so many working parts overwhelm me, make me feel . . .”
“Inadequate? Inept? Hopeless?”
“Well, now that You’ve pointed it out so thoroughly, yes. It just seems that I have to follow a long list and never...ever fail, but of course, I do fail, at new things and old things, more this day than the last. I’m spending all my time deciphering the rules instead of playing the game.”
“Well that’s a waste of time. You only need two rules.”
“Wait, that can’t be right.” I want that pass back but my elbow was hit from behind and I released it anyway. My Lord wrong? Unlikely.
“It’s true. Two rules. Decided a long time ago. My Son and I made this so simple My kids could do it.” He winks at me and laughs at His own joke. Good one, Lord.
“Just. Two. Rules.” Long pause.
“You sure?” He gives me that look.
“Two rules. That simple enough for you?”
“Don’t You think I’ll need more for . . . everything? Lots of stuff going on down here, Lord. Two seems like an awfully small number.”
“Nope. They’re pretty good rules. I trust you to follow them. I trust them to lead you. Simple.”
“And you’ll be…?”
“Same as always. Here. Everywhere. Don’t worry, we got this.”
And away we go . . . .

Thank you for your time, God bless you.