Please Pass the Joy!  


Here’s a little something you might like to pass along to someone you'd like to thank - any time - but especially

now. It’s presented here as a pdf (embedded in the photo below) that you can print and hand-deliver (if you can

safely be near the recipient) or it can be sent and received electronically if that’s better.


The Please Pass the Joy! file can stand alone just as it is – it’s generic so you can send to anyone regardless of

how well you know the person, but of course, customize as much as you want for a special friend. And please

be as creative and generous as your situation allows.


If you print and deliver in person, consider adding:

*gifts from your kitchen or garden

*a meal or gift card from a local restaurant

*recipe and ingredients for a simple meal

*personal cleaning items and disinfectants as available

*toys, books and games for children and adults

*treats for pets

*fresh flowers

*newspapers and magazines


Thank you for passing the joy!

{Wishing YOU all God’s many blessings}

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